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Online since 1997 HousingNet has become the first stop for business and marketing information on UK Housing Organisations, the people that work in them and the companies / contractors that work for them.

Important Notice Please Read

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

On May 25th 2018 new regulations come in to force whereby any organisation collecting 'personal information' must have prior permission (opt-in) from the person identified. Personal Information includes any information that can be used to identify an individual and as we collect names, job titles, photos and email addresses we are bound by the new rules and must adhere to them.
Although 'contact details' form only a small part of our site users who are specifically purchasing data for marketing purposes might want to think again before buying from us.

Where other data controllers / processors see disaster we see opportunity and have exciting plans to enable our clients to continue to reach Housing Association and Local Authority staff. And let's face it, if we can't figure this one out, and we are without a doubt in the best position to do so, where else would you be able go to for high quality housing data?

If you have any questions please get in touch

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HousingNet is now recognised as the most comprehensive source of information on housing stock, financial data, management teams, Tenders and Contracts and Business Intelligence for the Social Housing sector. Our clients are made up of Housing Associations & Local Authorities, companies selling products and services to them and Contractors & Suppliers servicing Repairs, Maintenance and Construction contracts.

We update our data every weekday and the data is displayed on HousingNet in real-time so as soon as we add it to the database our clients can access it. Our team consists of researchers, programmers, database technicians and analysts and we are split between London and Nagpur in India where our sister company has been in operation since 2001.

There are currently 3,163 Housing Organisations on our database and we aim to update the top 1250 every 3 months with the remaining at least once a year. Our core product is the Premium Licence that includes Tender and Contract analysis and Business Intelligence mainly concentrating on Construction & Maintenance in the sector.

We bring together data from the following resources:
  • Our own research since 1997
  • Land Registry Corporate Dataset
  • Statistical Data Return
  • NROSH (2011)
  • Price Paid Data
  • Geo - Location mapping on 5.3M titles
  • Government Open datasets
  • Daily 'housing' news collection
  • Local Authority and Housing Meeting Minutes
  • Financial Returns
  • Annual Reports
  • Tenant Reports
  • Value for Money
  • UK Planning Application Database
  • OJEU Database and Tender Analysis
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Global Accounts
  • Local Authority and Housing Contract Registers
  • Local Authority and Housing Expenditure sheets
  • Performance Reports
We source our data from, but not exclusively, the following:
  • Every 'Housing Association' receives a phone call from us every year. The largest 400 + subsidiaries are called once every 3 months and then depending on size either once every 6 months or once a year.
  • We harvest information from all available reports and aim to collect and database financial returns from the largest 300 housing organisations and the largest contractors.
  • The Statistical Data Return, Global Accounts, House Price data, OJEU, EPC and other large datasets are imported in to our database on a regular basis.
  • We collect from 100 to 250 pieces of news every day and select the best items for our daily HousingNet News email which we have been sending every weekday since 2011.
    All news is sorted for our use as well as the email - we strip out information relating to Finance, Construction, Stock Transfer, Staff Movements etc. HousingNet News is free and can be subscribed to at the bottom of every page on HousingNet.
  • Land Registry Title Data and various Open Data Sets including - Brownfield sites, flood plain data, economic activity & crime.
  • OJEU Database other Tender and Contracts data sources.
HousingNet can be split in to three main areas:
  • Our mapping project uses the Land Registry Corporate Data Set and other Open Data to show who owns what Social Housing stock and where in the UK. There are a number of images relating to the map functionality in our Help Manual.
  • Our Premium Licence is designed for Contractors and Suppliers either currently working in the sector or looking to expand in to it. The licence includes access to Tenders and Contracts, Business Intelligence, Pipeline Analysis and bespoke support from our team of researchers and programmers. Pages relating to the Premium licence can be viewed on the Riverside example and in the Help Manual.

Please get in touch if you would like a demo of our system as we like showing it off.

The Free Annual Licence allows access to all our online data sets and analysis (excluding Tenders, Contracts & Business Intelligence) and the ability to export data to spreadsheets for one year.

The data is constantly updated and the licence lasts for 365 days. We only include individual named contact email addresses ie. john.smith@xyzhousing.com in the Premium licence and even then we only provide them individually. We have over 12,000 high quality email addresses which have a value of their own and could easily be shared or sold on if we allowed them to be exported. All 'admin@' emails are made available for download.

Any questions?
Email: helpdesk@housingnet.co.uk or phone us on 0208 772 6426.